Photoperiodic Seeds and Autoflowering Seeds


Cannabis plants need a decent amount of light to grow and flower correctly regardless of the type of seed. There are feminized and autoflowering seeds, both of which need light to grow properly, although there are two main differences:

  • Depending on how much light they receive, feminized strains develop and bloom.
  • Autoflowering strains develop and bloom at any time of day.

1.    Photo-Periodic Cannabis Seeds:

Photo-periodic cannabis plants can be either feminized or regular, although the most common type is feminized.

Once a strain reaches adulthood and notices a decrease in daylight hours, it begins to blossom. You can easily manage the light cycles in indoor grows; they require 10 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness for growth and 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness for flowering and maintaining flowering.

This allows you to get mother plants and produce your own clones and cuttings while the rest of your plants are still growing in the 18/6h light cycle, which will prevent them from flowering but will still require upkeep.

2.    Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds:

Over the past few years, a significant number of seed banks have also started to offer automatic cannabis seeds, also known as autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Autoflowering plants can be created in three different ways:

  • By crossing photo-periodic strains with Ruderalis plants. This type of plant is capable of flowering as it grows, regardless of the amount of light it receives.
  • By crossing autoflowering strains with photo-periodic strains.
  • Crossing autoflowering plants with other autoflowering plants.

As a result, you’ll be able to obtain plants that take about 25 days to finish growing and then begin flowering automatically without needing a specific photo-period.

Many autoflowering plants are already feminized, as they tend to be used for discreet growing in small areas for maximum yield.

Although autoflowering strains are capable of producing high quality results nowadays, the amount you can harvest and the quality is occasionally inferior to that of feminized plants deta.

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