How Should I Choose Cannabis Seeds for My Grow?

When to Plant Feminized Seeds

The type of seeds you grow should depend on the characteristics of the seed (photo-periodic, autoflowering, feminized, regular…) as well as the type of grow you want to set-up. Each grower is free to set-up their plants however they want. However, we’re going to go through a series of recommendations to help you figure out which type of seed you should plant.

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When to Plant Feminized seeds


when the climate and light-hours are right for it, making sure all seeds are feminized. Allows you to make the most of your available space. High cannabinoids and yields.


When you have the space and means to obtain high quality cannabis flowers and optimize your growing area.
When to Plant Regular Seeds

When to Plant Regular Seeds


If you want to cross plants in order to obtain new strains, seeds or for finding unique, rare strains thanks to the wide genetic spectrum.


When your climate and light allows for it and you have a lot of space to grow in

When to Plant Auto-flowering Seeds?

  • Outdoors: these are ideal for harvesting while your photo-periodic feminized or regular plants grow and flower. They’re ideal for balconies, terraces and other small areas. Can be grown outside of summer if your climate allows for it without having to move them in and out.
  • Indoors: when you have the space and means to obtain high quality cannabis flowers and optimize your growing area.

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